And So The Loc Journey Begins

I have finally started something I have been wanting to start for years now. On April 28th, I started locs with 129 two-strand twist. I started them myself for two reasons; money and time. I hate going to salons and waiting my turn; sitting in a chair to have someone else mess with my hair. … Continue reading And So The Loc Journey Begins

How to live zero-waste?

Disclaimer: this is not a how-to on how to live a zero-waste lifestyle and I apologize for the click bait. This is more of a diary or list of the ways I plan to make adjustments to my lifestyle so that I can work toward living; little to zero-waste. The term "zero-waste" is new to … Continue reading How to live zero-waste?

Hello 2019!

Happy New Year, Readers!It has been a while since I have posted, as usual. I have the tendency to go without posting for far too long and of course, I would like to change that. I always have good intentions, so we shall see if I get better at consistently blogging. I don't like to … Continue reading Hello 2019!

All Of The Books…

I am fairly new to the book world to an extent. I have always liked reading and collecting books, but I have never thought to share my experiences. I am loving every minute of this and feel that this is my calling. Only problem is I can't seem to settle on reading one book at … Continue reading All Of The Books…

Setting Intentions

Another year is right around the corner and I have started to set intentions and goals for the things I want in the coming year (s). These are not resolutions and there will always be a list of things I want to achieve. My list of intentions and goals are basically attainable steps I want … Continue reading Setting Intentions