I’m making Kombucha

A little over a week ago I started my first batch of kombucha. I am super excited about this experience and I want to share a little about how I started. The first thing you need to do or get when making kombucha is a scoby. You can make it or you can buy it. … Continue reading I’m making Kombucha


I have been juicing lately and plan to do a juicing challenge at some point. I have been finding some awesome juice recipes on Pinterest as well as making up a few myself. Here is one of the recipes I put together.  Sweet potato, carrot, apple, orange and ginger.   This one turned put great … Continue reading Juicing

When the scale tips in your favor! 

I jumped on the scale the other day and I'm happy to say that I'm down 9 lbs. The last time I checked my weight I told myself that I'd stay away from the scale. And for about a month I did. But, I woke up that morning feeling lighter, so I went for it. And … Continue reading When the scale tips in your favor! 

Why I Went Vegan & Stayed

My path to Veganism started off as a challenge and what I hoped was a way to lose weight. Things have changed over time because I have learned so much about what it means to be vegan. I started off as vegetarian and after about 2 months decided to challenge myself and see what this … Continue reading Why I Went Vegan & Stayed