Hello February

This is a short and sweet month for me. It is my birthday month and the month I'll be doing the 30 Day Water Challenge. I am also looking forward to putting in my two weeks notice at my current job. It's time to move on and I have been blessed with a new and … Continue reading Hello February

Last Day- Social Media Detox

So today is the last day and it's a free for all. Basically I can do whatever I want and I chose to make it a Twitter and IG free day. Overall I did ok. I cheated a few times, but I think I laid off social media pretty well considering all the mess that … Continue reading Last Day- Social Media Detox

February Challenge- My Birth Month

Hey! This is going to be an exciting challenge for many reasons. This month is my birth month and on February 13th I'll be 38 years young. Yay! The challenge for this month is a healthy challenge and it's simple; drink water daily. I am challenging myself to increase my water consumption, so I will be drinking … Continue reading February Challenge- My Birth Month