March Challenge- Spring is near!

Yesterday morning I decided to go with the Yoga challenge. Once again, I have hit a weight that I am NOT happy with and I need to get it together. I think I will add tea time in as well. There is no reason why I can’t do both simultaneously (as pointed out by my … Continue reading March Challenge- Spring is near!

Last Day- Social Media Detox

So today is the last day and it's a free for all. Basically I can do whatever I want and I chose to make it a Twitter and IG free day. Overall I did ok. I cheated a few times, but I think I laid off social media pretty well considering all the mess that … Continue reading Last Day- Social Media Detox

February Challenge- My Birth Month

Hey! This is going to be an exciting challenge for many reasons. This month is my birth month and on February 13th I'll be 38 years young. Yay! The challenge for this month is a healthy challenge and it's simple; drink water daily. I am challenging myself to increase my water consumption, so I will be drinking … Continue reading February Challenge- My Birth Month

January Challenge

Personally I think that we all could use a detox from social media and I am kicking off this year of 30 day challenges with just that. With so much drama and bad news in the media, I constantly feel the weight of stress daily. NOT GOOD! For the next 30 days (starting Jan. 1), I … Continue reading January Challenge

Why I Went Vegan & Stayed

My path to Veganism started off as a challenge and what I hoped was a way to lose weight. Things have changed over time because I have learned so much about what it means to be vegan. I started off as vegetarian and after about 2 months decided to challenge myself and see what this … Continue reading Why I Went Vegan & Stayed