How I Review Books!

Thank you so much for your interest in my book reviews. Most of the books I review will be books that I own and have purchased at my own fruition. I am open to review books from various authors and publishing companies as well.

Please see below my policy for reviewing books.

  1. I only review physical copies of books. ARC’s and galleys are gladly accepted. No e-books or books in PDF form.
  2. All reviews will not always be in a blog format. Some books will be reviewed via GoodReads or even as a mini review on Instagram. This is determined based on the rating I give the book. Please see my examples below.

1 stars Typically means I did not enjoy the book and I likely was not able to finish it to give an honest review.

2 Stars– I didn’t like the book very much and was disappointed.

3 stars– The book was ok, but I didn’t care for it. At this rating I am at least able to create some form of a review and I would still recommend because everyone reads differently.

4 stars– I enjoyed the book, but was not totally wowed or there were things I would have liked to be improved. I would also recommend to others.

5 stars– I absolutely loved the book and will talk about it till the sun comes up.

3. At this time I am not interested in purchasing any books, but if I agree to review a book and a copy is sent to me I will place this book in order of priority to other books I am reviewing.

4. My preferred genre is fiction. I enjoy drama, romance, suspense/horror and fantasy.

Please contact me via email to inquire about book reviews here.