Finding self-care in plant care

I'm learning that self-care can be found in the mostly unlikely places... Plants I've always loved plants and have tried and failed to keep many different varieties alive and flourishing. Most recently I have really picked up on my love for houseplants. I've added to my collections and I'm on the verge of turning my … Continue reading Finding self-care in plant care

Setting Intentions

Another year is right around the corner and I have started to set intentions and goals for the things I want in the coming year (s). These are not resolutions and there will always be a list of things I want to achieve. My list of intentions and goals are basically attainable steps I want … Continue reading Setting Intentions

Imagine Living Off Grid 

I can't imagine this but I know in my heart that people who live life off the grid are probably happy AF! Living off grid gives you the freedom and independence that I'm craving now more than ever. With the current state of our country and the impending future, I'd like to be as independent … Continue reading Imagine Living Off Grid