Warrior Fasting

Warrior fasting or warrior diet is a 20/4 fast where you eat small amounts of fruit, vegetables, cheese, and boiled eggs throughout a 20 hour period and then have 4 hours of eating a full meal or meals. I started warrior fasting about a month ago and did it throughout the week, I like it enough to start again and hopefully continue on.


I will be starting again this week and doing it during the work week. I like doing it this way because it is easier and keeps me more energized.

Interested in warrior fasting? Check out these links for more information. Also, as with anything you try; please do your own research to make sure this is right for you.

What is Warrior Fasting?

Pros & Cons?

Benefits of Warrior Fasting

  • Weight loss
  • Mental clarity
  • More energy
  • May improve blood sugar
  • May reduce inflammation

These are the reasons I am doing the warrior fasting. I am not going to weigh myself or track my progress at this point. I want to focus on fasting and making sure I am sticking to it. This diet does encourage dairy, but I am not big on dairy products. I currently use plant-based milk and eat very little cheese. I am not vegan but I do follow a mostly vegetarian diet.

Have you tried any fasting? What fasting regimen do you recommend?

Thank you for stopping by!

One thought on “Warrior Fasting

  1. I have fasted before. I have done a fast for spiritual reasons and I have also done intermittent fasting for the health benefits.

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