Y’all Ready For This?

31 days of self loving, gratifying, splendid self-care! I AM HERE FOR IT! Are you? Starting July 1st, I am challenging you and myself to take care of ourselves everyday; in some way, for the entire month.

With the current climate on this planet (racism, politics, climate change, LBGTQIA issues, Sudan…so fucking much), we need self-care. Hell, as a living, breathing black woman I need to make self-care my ultimate priority all the damn time. We also need to not try to define self-care or place it in a box. Self-care looks different for everyone. My motto; do what makes you feel good, whole and cared for.

How It Works

There is no rules, no right or wrong way to do the challenge and absolutely no pressure. Follow the calendar, do what you can and take what you need. That’s it!

I will be posting daily motivations and reminders. If you feel inclined to share this calendar or share what you’re doing for your self-care challenge, use the hashtag #lp31daysofselfcare. I would love to see what you’re up to!

Copy of Classroom Calendar (7)

Let’s get this self-care y’all! I have even started self-care Sundays in my Instagram stories. I briefly tried to find a therapist, but learned that finding one was making me need one even more. This is apparently an issue! I don’t know; maybe I am being picky. I’d like a therapist that looks like me. You know; black and female. I have no business dealing with anyone else. So, in the meantime; I am taking my self-care seriously.

I think this challenge will teach us so much about ourselves. It will teach us what we are capable of and what we don’t need. So many of our day to day activities drain us of our energy and we don’t even realize it. We tend to operate on auto-pilot, so it will be nice to switch up our routine for a month. Maybe even form healthy habits that add value to our everyday lives.

Come join us!

Thank you for stopping by!

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