Outdoor Cooking All Summer 19′

I know summer isn’t here quite yet, but with the weather we’ve been having we are taking full advantage of the option to cook outdoors. We usually use our grill but we’ve been saving charcoal and cooking our meals on the bonfire. It’s fast and the clean-up is pretty much non existent. We’re also conserving a little energy by not using our stove. If we could find a way to make it low waste (not using foil) and it would be perfect!

2019-06-11 06.53.47We made this little vegan feast the other day right on our bonfire. Although this seems pretty simple to make, I am here to share what I did here.

Bonfire Veggies

Slice your favorite veggies into thin slices or chunks. Toss the veggies in your favorite seasoning (I used Badia Complete Seasoning) and about 1 tablespoon of vegetable based oil (I used Olive Oil). Wrap the veggies in foil and place on a grill rack over your bonfire.

Bonfire Corn

Simply place the corn with husk on the grill rack and turn occasionally for even cooking. The corn taste amazing with no salt, butter or any other added seasoning.

Bonfire Sweet Potatoes

Wrap potatoes in foil, poke a few holes in potatoes and place foil wrapped potatoes directly in the fire. The potatoes take longer to cook so they will need more direct heat. Turn them occasionally as well for even cooking.

And that’s it! A simple easy way to cook when it gets warm out. We have been doing this for about a month now and loving it.

How do you cook outdoors?

Thank you for stopping by!

4 thoughts on “Outdoor Cooking All Summer 19′

  1. Hey there Luna! I enjoyed reading your blog. I’ve been trying to eating more healthier, and eventually transitioning into a 🌱 vegan. I find it very challenging. I’m going to try your recipes, and maybe we can meet up at a local vegan restaurant. I would love to meet you. You seem very down to earth, and we have a lot in common. Well Sis have a beautiful Sat💚✨

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