Happy Earth Day

Some time ago I asked people on Instagram what they do in order to reduce their carbon footprint. I am by no means an expert or guru, but I am trying to learn and work within myself to do better. The responses were pretty amazing and I feel that more people care about our Earth than we may think. It is the only one we have and making a sound change really does start with us.

Check out the amazing responses and feedback I got! People who take steps to reduce their carbon footprint vs. people who don’t.

77% – Yes
23% – No

This is a good number, and was out of 35 people. I really feel that people who say no are just like me; not sure where to even start. There are so many layers to this and we live life based on what is convenient and cost-effective. Many thing that are good for us and the environment have a hefty price tag.

These are all the great responses and many of these are things I have never thought much about.

Happy Earth Day!So on this Earth Day in 2019, I pledge to do better. I pledge to be mindful of how much I waste, use plastic and contribute to the detriment of our cracking and fragile environment. I pledge to not continue to take for granted the things that come naturally.

Please share any tips you have on working toward a more sustainable lifestyle. I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

  1. I love reading about what people are doing in their lives. To me it comes down to discipline over convenience and always looking for a way to reduce my impact. Out of the answers above, I need to level up to bring along my own take out container to restaurants. That is awesome!

    Some changes I’ve made all at once but since it is an increased cost, what I’ve mostly done is made a list of everything I use that is disposable and when it comes to the end of my stash, I try to find a way to replace it with something less so.

    • Hey! Thank you for reading! I really love that idea! I’m trying to figure out where to start and that’s definitely a good way to go. I’m planning to start making my own detergent once I run out. Baby steps! Lol

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