Finding self-care in plant care

I’m learning that self-care can be found in the mostly unlikely places…


I’ve always loved plants and have tried and failed to keep many different varieties alive and flourishing. Most recently I have really picked up on my love for houseplants. I’ve added to my collections and I’m on the verge of turning my living room into an urban jungle.

But it’s not just about the beautiful esthetic that plants tend to carry with them. They are like a form of therapy. Taking care of them and nurturing them is a daily ritual that I genuinely enjoy. It’s an amazing form of self-care! I know that sounds kinda crazy since I have to actually take care of plants, but it’s not. It’s amazing and I feel like I am in my element. My plants literally brighten my mood throughout the day. Plus house plants have so many benefits.

I am no expert on the care of houseplants and I am learning more everyday. I have created an Instagram account to document my plants and at some point I would like to start selling some of the DIY plant accessories my husband and I have been making. Check out @rootsandfoliage when you get a chance.

Benefits of houseplants

  • Purifies the air in your home
  • Some plants are great for people with allergies and sinus issues
  • Brighten your mood
  • Create a beautiful esthetic in your home
  • They’re just dope!

My favorites


Alocasia “Polly” these plants love humidity and indirect sunlight. Their leaves remind me of The Predator.



Pilea is such a cute little plant. The leaves remind me of little flying saucers. They have several names like the pancake plant and Chinese dollar plant.


Rubber Tree, this guy as been a thorn in my side that I love. I have killed at least two of these but I am not giving up. This is such a gorgeous plant.


Monstera is another one that I am having issues with. I haven’t killed it but it has become very leggy minus the huge beautiful leaves they are known for.

zz plant

ZZ Plant is what I call Easy ZZ. They are pretty hard to kill and they don’t need much water.


Snake Plant is another plant that is hard to kill. Water it once a month and stick it in a corner and they’ll be fine.

Are you a plant mama? What plants do you have and love?

Happy Planting

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