Happy New Year, Readers!

It has been a while since I have posted, as usual. I have the tendency to go without posting for far too long and of course, I would like to change that. I always have good intentions, so we shall see if I get better at consistently blogging.

I don’t like to set resolutions, but I do have some exciting things planned for the new year. I am also a part of a few accountability groups on Instagram to help me stay more consistent at the things I want to do; like yoga and blogging.

So…here are some of the things I have planned (mostly bookish) and am looking forward to in 2019.

-The 10 Book 2 Film Challenge. 10-Book.jpg

  • Reading 10 books that have been adapted to film, as well as watching the film (optional for those who are participating)
  • Having quarterly giveaways and buddy reads
  • Making this into a yearly challenge and expanding

If you are at all interested in joining, I have created a page on Instagram; @10book2film. Come follow me there for all the details and to get started. The fun officially begins today!

-Posting regularly on the blog

  • Book reviews twice a month
  • Updates for the challenge
  • More book related blog posts

-Not buying anymore books (for a while)

  • I have a current count of over 800 unread books (ridiculous and it’s 864 to be exact)
  • Canceling ALL pre-orders
  • Every time I consider purchasing a book, putting the total for the book/books in my savings account

-Do yoga on a regular basis

  • I joined the 30 day yoga challenge with Yoga with Adriene (which starts tomorrow)
  • I am in an accountability group on Instagam and we are all doing the challenge.
  • I need to remind myself that yoga is helpful for so many reason (chronic back pain being my why)

I went through and organized all of my books throughout the weekend and I am ashamed of how many unread books I have (number up above). I scanned them all using the Book Buddy app which is a lifesaver. This app allowed me to add all of my books and create a directory to keep track of all my books, what I read and whatever else I want to track them by.

And of course I have some things I plan to work on personally, because we all tend to have things we could improve. These are not resolutions because I feel that making productive and consistent habits are the best way to make positive changes. Resolutions always tend to come and go-start off strong and crash. Good habits never die…hopefully!

Happy New Year Readers

11 thoughts on “Hello 2019!

  1. This is such a great challenge especially with some of the movies coming out this year — looking at you Artemis Fowl.

    For buying books, I’ve adopted a system of only buying a book if I’ve read it AND loved it. The minute I put the book down the need to own the book has to be strong for me to okay purchasing it. I’ve found that, for a lot of books, the need to own it disappears once I’ve read it. Plus I want my library to represent books that I truly love.

    I like your idea of saving the money. All readers would be millionaires if we adopted this method. Lol.

    1. Thank you! The challenge is definitely going to be fun.

      That is a great system for buying books. I usually never want to reread books, so I probably wouldn’t buy them. At this point I have enough to last a lifetime and beyond.

  2. Great post Ebony! I can’t believe you have so many books to devour. The idea of putting your money into a savings account is really smart because it gives you a chance to overspend and save. I was going to do preorders this year too but realized that I have many books at home to read that I need to get through this year. I am noticing that everyone is looking at their buying habits as of lately!

  3. Wow, 800 books!! So many to choose from! I love the idea of putting the book price into your savings, I may adopt that and just borrow those books from the library instead. Good luck with your yoga challenge!

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