All Of The Books…

I am fairly new to the book world to an extent. I have always liked reading and collecting books, but I have never thought to share my experiences. I am loving every minute of this and feel that this is my calling. Only problem is I can’t seem to settle on reading one book at a time. I can’t even stick to monthly reading list. Do you have this problem?

For the month of April I was planning to do a book to movie challenge and I even had a few people joining me on Instagram. I read two book out the five and I don’t think I am going to stick with it. Mainly because the books I chose were not to my liking. There was no set deadline so I may just chose other books and continue on. This is what I do not want to start. Starting things and not finishing them, especially when other people are involved. I still have The Secret Life of Bees from my original picks; so I think I will try to work on that and choose two more books, but we’ll have to see.

I basically want all the books! I am currently reading 4 books simultaneously.

  • NW by Zadie Smith
  • Meet Cute- A series of short stories by various writers
  • Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes which is our book club read
  • The Power by Naomi Alderman

I’m taking my time with most of them, but I intend to have Year of Yes and NW finished within the next week or so.

Now NW is a struggle to read but I am intrigued so I will press on. I have heard mixed reviews and plan to do my own reviews when/if I finish. Have you read it?


I’m also looking forward to reading one of the first books I’ve received from a publishing company; How Are You Going To Save Yourself by JM Holmes. This book was sent to me from Little Brown and will be available August 21, 2018.

Synopsis below:

Both humorous and heart-breaking, How Are You Going To Save Yourself is a timely debut about sex, race, family and friendship for fans of Junot Diaz and Ta-Nehisi Coates. It explores the lives of four friends from the city of Pawtucket: Rydell, Lazarus, Rakim, and Giovanni, or more affectionately Rye, Dub, Rolls, and G. Once bound together by location and shared experience, their bonds fade and change as their adult lives begin to take different shapes. They are confronted with society’s expectations of them, family pressures, and ultimately the way they see themselves – sometimes conforming, sometimes challenging the stereotypes. Ultimately they are trying not to fail themselves and the people they love.

Source Google

What are your upcoming reading plans? I think I’m going to pick just a few books between my book club; Book Girl Magic, and another book club I’m in and go with the flow.

Let’s chat! What’s on your reading list?

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