It’s My Bornday!

It’s February 13th and it’s my 39th bornday. It feels like any other day and it’s been like this for the last few years. I am truly blessed to be entering another year and I can’t believe I’m this 👌🏾close to the big 4 0! I know that age is relative and it’s all in how you actually feel and physically I feel fine and on most days, emotionally I feel fine as well. Since I’m not necessarily where I would like to be in life, it can get me down at times; but that shit is hard. Especially when you’re like me and not always sure what you want to be doing! I am a work in progress and that’s fine!

On another note, not only is it my bornday, I also have some exciting news to share! I started a book club for African-American women. The book club is called Black Women Read Books~ Book Club and it is on the verge of being something amazing! This will be a space for us as black women to come together, learn our history, tell our stories and make new ones.


We are just getting started right now and we are welcoming new members. Right now we are in the process of choosing our first book. This will be the book we will read in March and I plan to have a meet-up for discussion at the end of March. If you’re interested please feel free to join. Keep in mind that this group is considered a safe space for black women and that all members will have to be of the African diaspora (the dispersion of any people from their original homeland).

We are on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Or you can search for hashtag #bwrb_bookclub.

Come check us out! We would love to have you!


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