Setting Intentions

Another year is right around the corner and I have started to set intentions and goals for the things I want in the coming year (s). These are not resolutions and there will always be a list of things I want to achieve. My list of intentions and goals are basically attainable steps I want to take to be a better me.

Some of them are simply just changing the way I think and see things. Some of them are steps to overcome my horrible habits of being lazy and too comfortable. I feel that with the way our country has been set on fire over the last few years; being comfortable is something that is becoming non-existent.

I have started making my list and I plan to be done before Jan. 1. Ironically, I found this interesting list of things to do on Pinterest. I will say that these are some really good intentions; but they are more action based than mindset. These will be added to my list as well. I know most of these are cliché, but who cares; we do what we think is best for ourselves and there is no need to apologize.


Have you set your list of intentions and goals? Do you plan on it or are you into setting resolutions? Let’s discuss!



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