My Experience At Kid Rock’s Detroit Headline Show As A Liberal Black Woman

Soul Culture

A few weekends ago, I had the rare delight of experiencing Kid Rock’s headline show inaugurating Detroit’s Little Caesar’s Stadium. I knew that I was attending the show months in advance – months before his Kid Rock 4 Senate campaign began and even before I found out about his public support of President Trump. I know, sis… still no excuses… just keep reading.

Truth be told, I knew barely anything about the artist besides the fact that he appeared on Run’s House in the early 2000’s (coincidentally wearing an “I Heart Black People” tee – Little Russy’s face says it all) and that my fiance’s family plays some of his tracks at their family gatherings (The Get Out joke has already gotten old).

Clearly I didn’t have too much of an opinion prior to attending the show. It was a free concert, I’d never been to Detroit, and I was…

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