Catching up!

Catching-upHey everyone! I am back with a little update on what has been going on with me. Aside from the horrible things that has been going on in our country, I feel at peace with my life right now. Things are slowly falling into place and it’s almost scary because in my mind it’s hard to enjoy the good and positive things when the world seems to be crumbling right in front of us. But I will because I have to take care of myself. I can’t solve problems that I never created and I can’t make people change their ways. They have the problem.

It’s pretty much an unspoken work as to what I am referring to. We all know that we have a country in chaos.

So for the changes! I am going to list them in number of significance.

  1. We moved into our new home
  2. I started getting into crystals and crystal healing. I’m currently learning more about how they can work for me, what they really mean and much more. There are so many levels and layers to this. Here is a photo of my altar. IMG_3840
  3. I went through a short period of unemployment that ended up opening up more opportunities for me. A position that I interviewed for about 7 months ago ended up coming my way. So starting September 25th I will be making more money than I ever have. I am still in disbelief.
  4. I think that is it, but I really feel like there is so many things for me to share. So many things I am looking forward to and excited about.

At some point in the near future I would like to get back into blogging. I think I will try to put something out at least once a week. I would love to know what you all are interested in discussing.

Until next time!

~Luna Peace


About Luna Peace

I guess you may wonder what Luna Peace is and where this name comes from. It's actually pretty silly and kind of outside the box. Luna Peace is my husbands hippie name that a I plucked from a Facebook pictorial. I fell in love with it and have been using it ever since. I decided Luna Peace would be a great blog name because it describes me in many ways! Luna: (Goddess) the ancient Roman divine personification of the Moon Peace: occurs between heterogeneous social groups and is characterized by a lack of conflict and freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace often involves compromise, and therefore is initiated with thoughtful listening and communication to enhance and create mutual understanding. I see myself as a Goddess (as all woman should), and I definitely want peace. So let's get to it! This is my blog and I will use this platform to inform, encourage, and inspire you. Thank you for being here! ~Luna
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4 Responses to Catching up!

  1. Congrats on the new job opportunity! I have been enjoying your home progress on Insta! I know nothing about crystals other than they are beautiful lol. Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures.

  2. MyaDutchess says:

    Congrats!!! Whoot! Whoot! ….I’m very proud of you. Tell me more about crystals and what’s the job you’ll be doing now. I feel you on the positive vibes. I’m looking for a career change myself! My update news is that me and my son switched to a plant base lifestyle with food!

    • Luna Peace says:

      Thank you so much! I am still learning with the crystals but I really have noticed a shift. I’m not sure it is the crystals but it’s something. Lol.

      The job is going to be with a granite company in the customer service department. It is a small company that is close to my house and the pay is going to be great. It will come for you. Just keep putting yourself out there. And apply for job that you don’t think you’ll get.

      That is awesome that you guys are going plant based. Stay strong. I have been plant based for over a year, but I do dibble in a little dairy from time to time. Lol. I know that’s not good and I’m working on it!

      Thank you so much for reading!

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