Mother/Daughter Photos w/ Tiffany Stacey

Hey guys! I am excited to share these beautiful photos that were taken by my friend Tiffany Stacey. She is an awesome freelance photographer that I have known for a few years now. She was so kind to email me a while back to see if I would be interested in doing a mother/daughter photo shoot. Of course I jumped right on it.

Initially it was going to be just me and my oldest daughter Jaylynn but I decided to add my other daughter, Jamiya, as well. Tiffany had everything set up and I only had to pay for the makeup for Jamiya. She also awarded me with a voucher toward the purchase of the prints of my choice.

She had a hotel suite set up, someone there for the videography and the makeup artist as well. After about 3 hours of figuring out wardrobe, makeup, poses and lightings we were all done. Here are the beautiful photos that were produced. I am very excited about creating a space for them in our home.

One of the things that encouraged me to get these photos was the opportunity to support a black owned samll business. This is very important to me and that fact that Tiffany produces a great product definitely made it even better.

Tiffany did an amazing job on these mother/daughter photos and I am very impressed with her work! Check her out if you are looking to get nice, professional photos taken and live in the Columbus Ohio area. Tell her Luna Peace sent you!


About Luna Peace

I guess you may wonder what Luna Peace is and where this name comes from. It's actually pretty silly and kind of outside the box. Luna Peace is my husbands hippie name that a I plucked from a Facebook pictorial. I fell in love with it and have been using it ever since. I decided Luna Peace would be a great blog name because it describes me in many ways! Luna: (Goddess) the ancient Roman divine personification of the Moon Peace: occurs between heterogeneous social groups and is characterized by a lack of conflict and freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace often involves compromise, and therefore is initiated with thoughtful listening and communication to enhance and create mutual understanding. I see myself as a Goddess (as all woman should), and I definitely want peace. So let's get to it! This is my blog and I will use this platform to inform, encourage, and inspire you. Thank you for being here! ~Luna
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4 Responses to Mother/Daughter Photos w/ Tiffany Stacey

  1. Jake says:

    Indeed! These are really great pictures! So good I had to communicate so again online after saying it in person

  2. Absolutely beautiful ❤ (as you've always been) and the photos are really super great. Good job, Tiffany

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