March Challenge- Spring is near!

Yesterday morning I decided to go with the Yoga challenge. Once again, I have hit a weight that I am NOT happy with and I need to get it together. I think I will add tea time in as well. There is no reason why I can’t do both simultaneously (as pointed out by my husband lol).

picsart_02-28-12-40-44For this challenge I will do yoga every day during the week and go to the gym on the weekends for cardio and strength training. I will be starting this today and finishing up the 30 day water challenge tomorrow. I plan to try to post updates on Instagram periodically; i.e. photos and videos, in order to keep myself on track and accountable.

Again, I am using Gaia for my yoga practice and will be streaming from my computer to my

As for tea time, I don’t have a specific plan. I think I will try drinking tea daily and substitute a few meals with tea. I have a few other challenges in mind for the coming months. 30 days oil free and no added salt are definitely in the rotation. I need to work on cutting out things that are contributing to my weight gain. I will discuss these more later on.

So, who’s joining me? Leave a comment below if you would like to join in on this 30 day Yoga challenge! I would LOVE to have you.


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