I’m making Kombucha

A little over a week ago I started my first batch of kombucha. I am super excited about this experience and I want to share a little about how I started.

The first thing you need to do or get when making kombucha is a scoby. You can make it or you can buy it. I later found out that I could have purchased my scoby from Amazon. Also if you are lucky enough to have friends that make kombucha you can get a scoby from them. I found my instructions on Pinterest but I wish I would have checked YouTube first. I found many great videos that were helpful and would have made my life easier.

So, I am making my scoby and it has to ferment for about a month. I have been checking on it every few days (which is too much according to some of the kombucha gurus) and this is what it looks like right now. It was kind of hard to get a good photo considering the glare from the glass.SONY DSC

Here is the pin I used from Pinterest and a video that was very helpful after the fact.

How To Make Kombucha – First & Second Fermentation

This is what I am trying also. Less steps and same effect! SONY DSC

How to Grow a SCOBY and Make Homemade Kombucha: Fermented Foods For Gut Healing

I am hoping to grow and scoby hotel so that I can share my scoby with others.

So what is scoby?

S- Symbiotic

C- Culture

O- Of

B- Bacteria

Y- Yeast

Sounds kinda gross right? But it’s not. Kombucha is not Kombucha without scoby. It is what transforms sweet tea into fizzy Kombucha.

Is Kombucha good for you?

I don’t know, but I’ve been told (words of Led Zeppelin “Black Dog” or military mantra)! See for yourself and definitely do your research for I am not expert.

It aids digestion and gut health. Because its naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast, Kombucha is a probiotic beverage. This has a myriad of benefits such as improved digestion, fighting candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, mental clarity, and mood stability.It is also known to aid in weight lose. Plus, it tastes great.

I’ll tell you, the stuff is like $3-4 a jar and about $5 to make a whole bunch yourself. That’s why I have decided to give it a go.

Have you ever made Kombucha? Do you have any tips or advice to share? Do you drink Kombucha? I know; I’m asking all the questions.


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