Postmates_logoThere are two aspects of this awesome service. One is delivery and the other is delivering. I have done both and the experience is pretty good. I’ve only ordered a few times but it is nice to be able to get food from pretty much anywhere.

I have been delivering food for Postmates for about a month now and I have made a nice chunk of side change. I finally started doing it after being signed up for like a year because I have to pick my daughter up from work in the evenings. She happens to work in the hotspot area, so it is mad convenient to go make a few bucks after I get off work. And honestly, it’s kind of fun.

How it works:

You go online; making yourself available. You get a delivery once you hit the hotspot area which for Columbus it is in the campus/short north area. You can accept deliveries at your leisure. I don’t except anything fast food or coffee runs. It’s messy and you likely will not get a decent tip. Base pay is about $4 per delivery. You make more based on tips and location of delivery. So for example, if I have to pick up food near the Ohio State campus, but I drop it off somewhere in Upper Arlington or Bexley, I will be making $.85 per mil that I drive to deliver the goods. And most of the time the tips are good when you deliver to those areas. Sometimes you’ll get like $10-15 for one delivery. And that is on top of the base amount.

I will go into more details on another post. I just decided to share this with you all just because. You can find lots of info about Postmates and other delivery services on YouTube and of course google.

If you decide to order Postmates delivers the best of your city instantly! Use code 4mhzr for FREE delivery up to $10 on your first order! 

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