Thank You, Obama! 

Thank you President Barack Obama! We will miss you dearly. We will miss your smile, your laughter, your tears and your love for us and our country. And most of all we will miss having a President that doesn’t promote hate and fear. My heart is broken for the things we will have to endure over the next 4+ years. But we will resist and we will fight. We have to!

I know you’re still going to be around and we are grateful for the 8 years you sacrificed for us! The 8 years of adversary and hate you endured. You have not been perfect, for no one is perfect and no President has even came close to you. So regardless of what some may say or think, just know that we love you Obama! I’ve NEVER cried tears of joy when a president was elected or tears of sadness when they left office! I doubt I ever will again! 😢😢😢😢



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