The Ringling Bros Closing 👌

(CNN Report) The Ringling Bros. circus is closing down after more than 100 years in operation, according to a press release from Feld Entertainment, which has owned the circus for the last 50 years.

Full article:

How do I feel about this? Based on how circus animals are treated I feel GREAT about this! But my questions is; what happens to those animals? Will they be ushered off to serve at some other circus or zoo? Will their suffering ever end?

They called it the “Greatest Show on Earth”. Yea right! Not for the animals. And since ticket sales were low, it must not have been that great. Not to mention the fact that regular working class people can’t afford the tickets. With the backlash and lawsuits they have endured over the years, I’m sure that has definitely played a role in their low ticket sales.



I don’t find it entertaining at all. In fact I think the circus is totally unnecessary along with the zoo. Why do humans feel the need to oppress other living things for their benefit? It’s ridiculous. We are the most selfish beings on this earth and we take EVERYTHING for granted. Just because its here doesn’t mean it is going to stay. We’ve done a damn good job of making beautiful things disappear just because we want to eat them or kill them for fun.😠

Compassion is not our strong suite. At least not for enough of us. And that is sad!


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