Books vs Reading

210264-hello-winter-with-snow-and-lightsI have realized that I have an odd obsession with collecting books. I collected books when I was younger and as I got older I thought it was just a phase. I had the whole top shelf of my closet full of paperback books; mostly romance novels. Yes, I was reading romance novels at the age of 13. Everywhere I went, my nose was always in a book.

Things have changed now because although I still love to collect books, I seldom get a read them. It’s not that I don’t like reading. I find that I have trouble staying focused (I can blame social media for that) and tend to fall asleep which sucks because I wake up and end up reading the same page again. I will be adding reading in as one of my monthly challenges for the Commit 30 challenge.


Now back to my addiction! I just love books and all the books I had as a teenager are long gone. However, I have started a whole new collection with a pretty good variety of fiction, self-help, African-American history, etc. I love the feel, the smell, and the knowledge that they all hold. Now that I will have a bookcase, I plan to fill it with the books I have as well as some classics. I also plan to read them! That is a promise I am making to myself. There is a great joy to reading and getting lost in another world. Having books and actually reading them is a challenge in itself for me. So let’s see if I can change that.

Where do I get my books?

I get my books from thriftbooks online or the Half-Priced Book locally. I prefer when looking for something specific. I go to Half-Priced when I just want to pick out some books. They have a $1 section that I love and you can find books there for $2 or less.

What books are on your reading list?

I have been wanting to start a book club in the hopes that it would give me more motivation to read. I plan to read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander as my first book in 2017. I have many more to read, but that is where I plan to start.


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