Books vs Reading

210264-hello-winter-with-snow-and-lightsI have realized that I have an odd obsession with collecting books. I collected books when I was younger and as I got older I thought it was just a phase. I had the whole top shelf of my closet full of paperback books; mostly romance novels. Yes, I was reading romance novels at the age of 13. Everywhere I went, my nose was always in a book.

Things have changed now because although I still love to collect books, I seldom get a read them. It’s not that I don’t like reading. I find that I have trouble staying focused (I can blame social media for that) and tend to fall asleep which sucks because I wake up and end up reading the same page again. I will be adding reading in as one of my monthly challenges for the Commit 30 challenge.


Now back to my addiction! I just love books and all the books I had as a teenager are long gone. However, I have started a whole new collection with a pretty good variety of fiction, self-help, African-American history, etc. I love the feel, the smell, and the knowledge that they all hold. Now that I will have a bookcase, I plan to fill it with the books I have as well as some classics. I also plan to read them! That is a promise I am making to myself. There is a great joy to reading and getting lost in another world. Having books and actually reading them is a challenge in itself for me. So let’s see if I can change that.

Where do I get my books?

I get my books from thriftbooks online or the Half-Priced Book locally. I prefer when looking for something specific. I go to Half-Priced when I just want to pick out some books. They have a $1 section that I love and you can find books there for $2 or less.

What books are on your reading list?

I have been wanting to start a book club in the hopes that it would give me more motivation to read. I plan to read The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander as my first book in 2017. I have many more to read, but that is where I plan to start.


About Luna Peace

I guess you may wonder what Luna Peace is and where this name comes from. It's actually pretty silly and kind of outside the box. Luna Peace is my husbands hippie name that a I plucked from a Facebook pictorial. I fell in love with it and have been using it ever since. I decided Luna Peace would be a great blog name because it describes me in many ways! Luna: (Goddess) the ancient Roman divine personification of the Moon Peace: occurs between heterogeneous social groups and is characterized by a lack of conflict and freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace often involves compromise, and therefore is initiated with thoughtful listening and communication to enhance and create mutual understanding. I see myself as a Goddess (as all woman should), and I definitely want peace. So let's get to it! This is my blog and I will use this platform to inform, encourage, and inspire you. Thank you for being here! ~Luna
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