10 Things About Luna

dave-and-i1. I am a newlywed. My fiancé and I got married on Black Friday. We figured it would be a much more positive thing to do in lieu of the predictable shopping that most people do on that day.

2. I have two mutts and a cat. Chico is a mix of min-pin and Chihuahua and Princess is a mix of Chihuahua and Pug. My cat is just a black and white cat named Blaine that looks like Sylvester.


3. I am vegan and I love ALL living things, however, I am terrified of any type of worm. I am going to work on this because I plan to start doing some serious gardening. I have been vegan in August 1st so I am new to this and learning daily. I also have a group on Facebook called Ohio Veg*ansuntitled

4. I am 37 years old, my birthday is the day before Valentine Day (I guess I couldn’t wait) and I have three amazing and intelligent children.

5. I LOVE to cook!

6. FAIR WARNING: I am very disgusted and disturbed by what is going on in the world (as many of us are) and you may hear about it from time to time.

7. I don’t practice or believe in any religion. I do believe that there is a higher power, but I am not religious. I am not an Atheist either.

8. I have always loved to write and when I was younger I wanted to write a book. I actually started it and I wish I still had it to finish. I still remember what it was about and MAYBE I will share that with you all one day. *Planting Seeds*

n-north-carolina-central-university-graduation-628x3149. I have attempted to further my education with a college degree several times and have failed each time. I have a hard to dealing with the long-term experience of completing a 4+ year degree program. I am considering trying again because I feel that I need something under my belt, but I have heard so many horror stories of people obtaining degrees and not being able to transition into a career. We’ll see!

10. Last but not least; I am super excited about this blog. I know the possibilities are endless and I want to make the best of this opportunity. Everything is an opportunity or can be if you make it. Becoming a full-time blogger would be a dream and is attainable with hard work.


About Luna Peace

I guess you may wonder what Luna Peace is and where this name comes from. It's actually pretty silly and kind of outside the box. Luna Peace is my husbands hippie name that a I plucked from a Facebook pictorial. I fell in love with it and have been using it ever since. I decided Luna Peace would be a great blog name because it describes me in many ways! Luna: (Goddess) the ancient Roman divine personification of the Moon Peace: occurs between heterogeneous social groups and is characterized by a lack of conflict and freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace often involves compromise, and therefore is initiated with thoughtful listening and communication to enhance and create mutual understanding. I see myself as a Goddess (as all woman should), and I definitely want peace. So let's get to it! This is my blog and I will use this platform to inform, encourage, and inspire you. Thank you for being here! ~Luna
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2 Responses to 10 Things About Luna

  1. Jake says:

    I already love the blog and look forward to future posts to come 🙂 Particularly, any that concern this book you once started…

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