And So The Loc Journey Begins

I have finally started something I have been wanting to start for years now. On April 28th, I started locs with 129 two-strand twist. I started them myself for two reasons; money and time. I hate going to salons and waiting my turn; sitting in a chair to have someone else mess with my hair. … Continue reading And So The Loc Journey Begins

How to live zero-waste?

Disclaimer: this is not a how-to on how to live a zero-waste lifestyle and I apologize for the click bait. This is more of a diary or list of the ways I plan to make adjustments to my lifestyle so that I can work toward living; little to zero-waste. The term "zero-waste" is new to … Continue reading How to live zero-waste?

Finding self-care in plant care

I'm learning that self-care can be found in the mostly unlikely places... Plants I've always loved plants and have tried and failed to keep many different varieties alive and flourishing. Most recently I have really picked up on my love for houseplants. I've added to my collections and I'm on the verge of turning my … Continue reading Finding self-care in plant care

Book Review: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

My reading choices have been lacking for probably 75% of my life. There are so many books that are considered required readings for black people. Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye is one of them and I am long overdue. Although I feel that reading should be fun and there shouldn't be any competition, I think … Continue reading Book Review: The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison